Granite Colours That Add Elegance to Your Worktops

When you are choosing the new colours for your kitchen remodelling project you should pick something that expresses your preferences and carries out your theme of interior design. You can use the colours of your cabinetry, the worktops that you have installed, and lighting and plumbing fixtures that accent your choices. With stone surfaces, the depth and richness of the colours add appeal and a splash of interest to your food preparation station. Instead of the usual boring colours that are always used in kitchen settings why not try your hand at selecting something that adds pizzazz and excitement to this room in your home.

The Main Focus

The main focal point of your kitchen should highlight all of the accessories and appliances along with the furniture that you have chosen. Granite worktops can draw the gaze of your guests as soon as they enter the kitchen and impress upon them your sense of style. Granite is also a durable surface that resists heat, water, and many other liquids that can be spilled on it. If your kitchen is designed for an island, use a granite surface to make this area more versatile; it can easily accommodate meal preparation as well as providing your family and friends with a cosy place to eat.

Your Colour Preference

Your worktops should carry style and colour that help you to choose appliances and kitchen equipment that coordinates with them. With attention to a new design combined with an appealing colour your kitchen can have the new look that you want it to have. You can easily coordinate your cookware, kitchen linens, and flooring that brings out the rich look of the granite. If you use special cabinetry, bring home sample pieces of granite so that you can actually see how the light in your kitchen works with the look of the granite along with your cabinetry. Choose some colourful dinnerware and table linens to complete your look.


The Finished Look

With your choice of granite you can choose a style that has a polished look or you can elect to use granite that has more of a matte finish. Whatever style you decide on you should go with the look that is seamless and that highlights the cabinets that you have chosen. Also remember that you can combine a variety of finishes so that you have a richer more textured look for your kitchen. Keep your granite in great shape by cleaning it daily with a soft cloth and some warm, soapy water. Be sure to dry it once you have cleaned it so that it won’t spot or become dingy with soap residue. You may also want to explore your options with black granite that is edged to give an illusion of thickness for a more impressive worktop. If your kitchen requires a more contemporary look then install worktops that feature a thin granite that has a slimline look to it.

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