Growing Flowers in Plastic Flower Pots

Safety of Using Plastic Plant Containers

As our planet gets more and more densely populated, not everybody has access to their own private garden for growing plants, flowers or vegetables. Despite this fact, there are many people who have a desire to grow their own plants and will go to great lengths to achieve this. Container gardening is the new phenomenon to combat lack of space. This is often accomplished by using lightweight plastic containers, however, we are told more often these days of the concerns of using plastic in our everyday lives. So, the question is, are plastic containers safe to use? The safety tests have been completed and it is now proven that it is very safe to grow produce and plants within plastic containers. They also offer the extra benefits of being sturdy, lightweight and durable.

Advantages of Using Plastic Containers

Plastic containers are flexible, strong and lightweight. They are also available to purchase in every imaginable colour so they can easily be matched to whatever décor is already present in the garden or patio. They make for a very bright and uplifting colour backdrop to any environment. They also have a huge advantage over clay containers in that they hold moisture for a much longer period of time. This greatly benefits moisture loving plants and flowers and is also good for the forgetful gardener, not all gardeners remember to give the flowers a regular drink. Many plastic pots are now made from recyclable plastic so when they are no longer needed they can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The different colours available make it much easier for reliable growth of particular plants. For instance, flowers and plants that need a lot of heat should be placed in a black container as this will attract more sunlight than a white pot. On the other hand if the gardener needs to grow a delicate plant then the choice would be a light coloured pot.

Considerations when Purchasing Plastic Containers

When a gardener is looking for a plant pot that will last the test of time then it goes without saying that plastic is the way forward. If time is an issue for let’s say the busy lifestyle and not much time to dedicate to gardening then again plastic is the best option as it requires less care than conventional clay pots. Many people live very busy lives and yet love to have that splash of colour outside their windows so plastic containers are the answer to make their dreamlike garden come true. Plastic containers are ideal for the not so clued in gardener as they require little knowledge. They will heat and cool down quickly so that fragile roots rarely get damaged even when in a sunny position. It is also very easy to drill additional holes for extra drainage if needed.

Colourful Flowers in Colourful Pots

Flower are said to help place an unrestful mind at ease. This is why a lot of people enjoy a relaxing break in a colourful garden or patio. Flowers are nourishment for the mind and soul. Flowers will give an even greater result when matched with a beautiful coloured plastic pot.

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