Have Blinds Revived Conservatories?

They were once billed as being one of the most value-boosting additions that a homeowner could make. As well as this, conservatories were seen as something of a luxurious room – ideal for those summer days (and nights) where one might want to enjoy the outside elements, but from the comfort of the indoors.


Unfortunately, all this changed. What seemed like a shrewd investment quickly became an absolute nightmare for a lot of people. While conservatories were ideal for small periods of a year, at other times they were rendered useless. In the absolute peak of summer they just attracted far too much heat and unless you had an air conditioning unit installed (and let’s be honest, this is unlikely), they were just too hot to handle.

On the other side of the coin, the fact they were constructed entirely of glazing meant that the cold was allowed in far too easily during the winter and this created a separate problem. In other words, conservatories were only habitable for a few months of a year at best. For thousands of dollars’ worth of investment, this was naturally deemed unsatisfactory.

So, how has the situation changed? As the title might have suggested, it all comes in the form of window blinds.

Let’s take a look at that first example again, when the heat is ramped up unbearably in conservatories in the summer months. As we noted before, once upon a time the only option was to shell out on an expensive air conditioning system. The modern-day answer is much more different and cheaper though. Blackout blinds have existed for years and these are able to comfortably block out the sun and allow you to bask in your conservatory in a reasonable temperature. However, sitting in pure darkness on a summer’s afternoon is hardly ideal – which is where a more recent product enters the picture.

Solar shades are able to prevent a large percentage of powerful sun rays from coming into your room. It means that they can stop the heat, but allow sunlight in at the same time. Immediately, you’ve just opened your conservatory up for a couple of months extra every year.

But what about the other months, where the big freeze might hit your conservatory? In these examples, a slightly different window product might be suitable, with insulated shades being able to protect against that cold air. Their design means that cold breezes struggle to break through into your room, while at the same time it’s harder for warm air to escape. These blinds can also help in the summer to block out heat, but from a light perspective they’re not quite as beneficial so it’s worth considering which product your local climate suits the most.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that the conservatory is well and truly back in business. It doesn’t need complicated electrical cooling and heating systems to function more or less all-year round, various modern blinds can transform this room and make it into something that it always struggled to be.

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