How Does Pruning Your Trees Protects Them and Saves You Money?

If you have trees or bushes growing in your yard, you have probably been told about the importance pruning them. Perhaps, you have been thinking about getting this done, but have delayed calling a tree service company. It might help if you understand exactly how pruning your trees protects them and saves you money at the same time. Below are four ways that pruning helps to protect your trees and makes them last longer.

1. Prevent Insect Infestation and Decay

Regularly removing broken or dead branches can help reduce the chance of an insect infestation growing on your tree. It also can quickly get rid of an infestation before it has a chance to spread to other areas of the tree. Removing decayed or rotten branches can also prevent additional damage and decay to your tree.

2. Enhances Ability of Tree to Grow Properly

A tree that is not pruned properly can become so full of branches and leaves that the air flow and sunlight is blocked. This blockage can adversely affect the tree because it interferes with two major components that the tree needs to survive, air and sunlight. This can also interfere with the process of photosynthesis that a tree needs in order to survive. Properly pruning your trees will eliminate some of the branches, so just the right amount of air and sunlight filters through to the tree.

3. Reduces Chance for Damage

Regular pruning can also reduce the chance of your tree becoming damaged due to irregular growth. Crossing branches are fairly common among trees, but if not removed properly it could cause damage to the tree because the branches will continuously rub together. Crotches found in the tree can cause the tree to split apart as it continues to grow. Another common problem with trees is co-dominant branches. This is when two branches grow near the top of the tree and both act as a dominant branch. If left untreated it can cause the tree to split or make it look lopsided. Removing these irregularities can prevent your tree from further damage.

4. Restrict or Stimulate Growth

Proper pruning can also help restrict or stimulate the growth of your tree in specific areas. There may be area of your tree where there is too much growth or the growth is interfering with its surroundings, such as your house or car. Regular pruning can restrict this growth from getting out of hand. Likewise, there may be area of your tree that look sparse and adversely affect the overall look of your tree. In these areas, properly pruning can actually stimulate the tree’s growth and make it look fuller.

Having your trees pruned on a regular basis can eliminate the different risk listed above and ensure that your tree remains healthy. While you can prune your trees yourself, professional tree pruners will know exactly what to look for and how to correct any problem. The small fee you pay now for proper tree pruning in Las Vegas can potentially save you a lot of money in the future if you wait until there is a problem with your trees. This makes the cost well worth the protection it provides for your trees.

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