How Foam Density Impacts Sleep

In today’s world, you really need a great quality of sleep to get through your busy day. Foam density can directly impact how well you sleep and how much rest you get through the night.

Foam density is how much mass the foam holds within a certain parameter of the mattress. The mattress foam can vary in density, affecting the quality of support, length of life of the mattress, and an individual’s comfort level. Understanding what your body needs is important in order to pick the right foam density for you.


Just because a mattress is denser and requires more material does not mean it cannot be soft and comfortable, says The Foam Factory. If the foam is not dense enough, it may lack the support you need to get a quality night’s sleep. The body needs a certain amount of support to reduce pain and pressure in order to sleep well. If a mattress does not provide enough support for you, you may end up tossing and turning all night. You should not have to spend the majority of your night trying to get comfortable.

In short, your mattress should have enough foam density to make you comfortable. There are several different types of foam mattresses that can provide support for your body in different ways, and it all depends on your personal preference. You can even have the foam made with a certain density and cut to meet your needs and improve your sleep.


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