How real-estate and Snapchat are going hand-in-hand

It would be fair to say that digital marketing has transformed a lot of industries and in relation to real estate, you only have to look at the hordes of websites advertising properties to see this.


There’s one medium which is making progress that’s slipping completely under the radar though. We first saw this mentioned in the Twitter feed of¬†Chase Rubin, with the account highlighting an article about Snapchat and how this is revolutionizing the job of the real estate agent.

Several years ago, when Snapchat first came onto the scene, it was one of the hottest communication apps amongst friends. Like with most of these apps, there is a much greater level of commercialization now and this appears to be helping the real estate industry significantly.

Of course, there’s a fine line between becoming a pushy seller – and one who isn’t going to get a thing out of the platform. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the best suggestions for real estate agents who are looking to add another dimension to their prospecting.

Don’t spread the net too wide

Considering the millions of users that Snapchat has, the immediate temptation is to go after every single one of them.

Suffice to say, this is going to be a fruitless approach. Targeting local niches is going to be a much better alternative and contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t have to directly revolve around the properties you are marketing.

The agents who are performing the best on this platform are taking a broader look at local areas; showcasing the coolest places, restaurants and anything which can garner attention. The idea is simple; you need to become an authority in your niche. By staying as local as possible you can achieve this fairly easily.

It’s not going to happen tomorrow

When trying a new platform for marketing, particularly in an industry as cut-throat as real estate, it can be tempting to throw all efforts away if immediate success isn’t recorded. Unfortunately, this is one of those platforms where you are unlikely to get a wave of new enquiries for your properties after day one; you do need to give it time.

As we highlighted in the previous section, you need to have time to develop as an authority and prove to people that you are someone to be trusted in the area. Rather than just measuring success after a couple of days, give it a prolonged period of time to see if works in your area.

Be yourself

It’s an old clich√©, isn’t it? However, one of the best tips for Snapchat is just being yourself and not being too formal. This is a “casual” communication app, if there ever was such a term, and having a formal persona is only going to alienate you from the crowd.

By being yourself you’ll stand out from other businesses who are “trying” to make Snapchat work, and just become a more personable resource for those in your locality who are looking for a property.

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