How to Choose and Preserve Your New Furnishings

Let’s face it most of us are not interior designers. We buy what we like and hope for the best. Furnishing your home can be a costly investment and shouldn’t come with buyer’s remorse. Below are a few important questions to ask before buying any furniture. You will walk away confident in your purchase and love your new furniture for years to come.


What Is Your Taste

Magazines, websites and home décor television programs are a great way to help you decide what styles you like and how to put a room together. Narrow down the look you are going for, such as traditional, casual, eclectic or contemporary. When you know what you like it won’t be hard to find furnishings you’ll love.

Will Old Furnishings Compliment the New

Chances are you will be mixing together old and new furniture. Will the colors and textures mesh well? Consider refinishing older wood furniture to stand up against new couches or chairs. Measure existing furniture to ensure your new purchases will fit in just as nicely.

Have a Budget

It can be very easy to lose control of your budget when faced with furniture you love or pushy sales people. Make a budget and stick to it. Oftentimes, sales associates are willing to negotiate the price. In the end if the price doesn’t work or you haven’t found what you like shop around. You will feel better about your purchase knowing there’s no extra debt to pay off.

Now That You Own, Protect It

You’ve purchased your new furniture and now you want it to last as long as possible. Preserve furniture with regular cleanings to ensure it looks beautiful and inviting.

Wood furniture – Masterly crafted wood furniture, such as manufacturer Henkel Harris, should be dusted or oiled regularly to retain its luster. Avoid placing near heat sources from fireplaces, vents or even direct sunlight which will fade the finish. Use coasters or tablecloths to protect from spills, hot dishes or watermarks.

Upholstered furniture – Apply a spray-on fabric protector to guard against spills and stains. Many retailers offer stain protection for a small fee at the time of purchase. If anything happens to the furniture the manufacturer will come to your home and repair the damage. Vacuum regularly to remove lint, hair or food trapped in between the cushions.

Leather furniture – Specially made leather creams or oils are the only recommended treatment to condition leather furniture. A dry cloth or vacuum will remove surface dust or crumbs. To avoid fading, position the leather furniture away from heat or direct sunlight.

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