How to Choose the Best Aluminum Fence for Your Home

Aluminum has become one of the most popular materials for fences today. It is incredibly durable, requires very little maintenance and is cost-effective for homeowners. It is easy to place a fence around your property to improve the appearance or increase security. Here are some things to look for when trying to choose the best fence for you home.



The first thing to consider is the height you want for the fence. You can get fences in all heights from something well below eye-level to a tall barrier reaching far above. You need to know what you want the fence to do. If it is just a decorative fence, then consider a lower height to keep the property looking open. Taller fences are great for keeping out intruders or keeping pets on the property.

Design and Appearance

The next step is to choose a design and appearance. Most fences made from aluminum have vertical bars and horizontal bars. The spacing, number and shape of those bars will define the look of the fence on your property. Think carefully about how a fence looks. You should also be looking at any decorative features on the tops of the bars. A final issue to consider is color. Choose a fence color that complements your home.

Entryway Type and Style

You are likely going to need some way to pass through the fence. Several options are available for the entryway. You could go with a traditional manual gate if the entryway will not be used that much. Alternately, you could pick and automated gate with a motor that will open and close with the push of a button. The entryway type and style will make a significant difference in your enjoyment of the fence.


You need to decide on which grade of fence you want. An aluminum fence comes in many grades from residential to commercial and industrial. Residential is good for decorative fences, fences on the inside of your property or fences around things like pools. Commercial and industrial are best for real security, withstanding the elements and resisting damage over time.

Types of Posts

Your fence will require posts to be placed in the ground occasionally. You can choose from a variety of posts. Simple aluminum posts look like the rest of the fence and do not block any scenery. There are also concrete, stone and brick posts that will add a distinctive look to wherever the fence is running. Pick posts that match the style of your home and your own tastes.

Compliant With Building Codes

A final point to consider before choosing a fence for your home is whether it is compliant with local building codes. Many areas have strict rules about how fences should look, where they should be placed and what dimensions are acceptable. You need to check in advance to make certain that the fence you want is compliant with building codes to prevent problems and fines later.

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