How to Choose the Perfect Rented Flat in Colchester

Colchester is rapidly increasing in popularity and continues to undergo positive redevelopment. This makes it a desirable location for renting property. If you’re looking for a house or a flat in Colchester, you face some competition to secure your dream home. But that doesn’t mean you should accept the first place you see.

Here are some tips for finding flats to rent in Colchester and making the flat-hunting process less stressful.


Know What You Want

Draw up a shortlist of things the flat absolutely must have for you to be comfortable. For example, look at the number of bedrooms, whether you need a garden, and whether the flat accepts pets, for example. You can also draw up a list of things you would appreciate in your Colchester flat but which are not essential.

Set a Budget

Look at typical rents in the areas you are interested in. The average price of flats should enable you to set a budget. Use this to search when you are looking for your home. Don’t be tempted to look at properties that are considerably outside your range but do realise that there is often room for negotiation on the rent. If you tick all the boxes as a perfect tenant, you have a chance of negotiating with the landlord on the price.

Check Parking

A lot of flats in Colchester do not have their own parking space. Check carefully if this is a priority to you. If it is not, check where you can park your car in the local area and if it is safe. Look out for parking permit schemes as this will probably allow one car but not two, and guests will have to pay separately.

Check Internet Connection and Speed

A decent broadband signal is essential if you work from home or are a student. Check this aspect online if you are concerned. Similarly, it is worth checking the mobile network coverage at the property against the network you are signed up to.

Do They Allow Pets and Smokers?

You will often be able to see from the ad whether your dream property allows pets or smokers. If not, check with the agent as you shouldn’t assume that these will be permitted. The admittance of pets is at the discretion of the landlord, so don’t be afraid to ask if there could be concessions if you otherwise meet all the tenant requirements.

Check Carefully

Spend as long as you can checking the property inside and out. Look out for any loose tiles or broken gates, check the paintwork and see if the windows are secure. Check the walls inside for damp and find out what heating is installed. Check the water pressure, particularly in the shower. If the flat is rented furnished, check if the furniture is in good condition. Do the rooms appear dry and warm? Is the main entryway secure? You may also want to think about your neighbours and whether you can live comfortably beside them.

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