How to Decorate a Room Your Kid will Love

Of the many joys you might wish for, few are more rewarding than that moment you realise you have floored your child with a gesture of parenthood. If that sounds great to you, check out these child-friendly, purposeful ways to makeover the kid’s bedroom. These handy decor and furnishing tips are some your kids will positively flip (that’s right, the American way…) for.

Choosing appropriate decor

For a room that is both functional and exciting, you need to make sure it’s decor works on many levels. There are plenty of ready-made decor and furnishings meant for kids. Not all are especially intuitive, and may just be on sale for their cuteness. Choose furniture and accessories your child will want to use, including bookshelves, closets and desks. An easily overlooked fact is that kids are small. If they can’t easily reach something, they won’t use it. Keep their comfort in mind too.

Things you can do

Accessories can turn the blandest rooms into celebrity spaces. Use anything you can find to make the room unique. Patterned and fun-shaped decor is easy to find. Use them to cover the ceiling and floors.

Kids love to put their life on display. Have wall spaces, boards and stands they can rock their artsy schoolwork, or anything else they fancy, on. Kids like to collect and horde many things as well. You can try inexpensive cardboard boxes decorated at home.

Make the room as memorable as possible. Chalkboard walls, growth charts, and mock souvenir cabinets are all fair game. Throw in an elder sibling’s discarded piece of furniture, if it will help. Line up toys and storybooks in their own special corner of spotlight.

Use area rugs that you can pick up, with kid’s designs on them. They add a lot of character and completeness to a room.

Use multiple lighting. Lamps, nightshades, and ambient lighting are all available in just the right colour, and make the room dazzle. Alternatively, you can use luminous paint and decor that sparkle by night.

Encourage your child to pitch in with plenty of homemade decor. An online search for handwork ideas for kid’s rooms will give your kid plenty to do. Print out posters from pictures on the internet, at home, and use them generously around walls.

Design an elaborate in-room clutter disposal system. Besides the ‘keep your room clean’ bumper sticker on the door, have colourful bins (that may or may not talk) your child can use to stay organised. Have as many storage options as your child may need.

Don’t finish in a day

Kids take time to settle, and how a goodnight’s sleep mutates their perspective can be surprising. Wait a while before purchasing new items. Out of their hesitation may also emerge a theme they’re after. You can then plan accordingly.


Don’t do it on your own

You child can save you a lot of planning and guesswork. Kids know exactly what they want more often than they don’t, so make sure you involve your child in the process. Announce early that you plan to redecorate and give kids time to list what they’d like to have. Suggest alternatives only after you have heard them out.  Take your kid with you when you pick up new items for the room, or show them what you are ordering online.  Make it their project as well as yours.


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