How to design and maintain a cohesive home

Whether you’re designing your home from scratch and are building it yourself, whether you’ve just moved into your new place or you’re just interested in updating your home and redecorating where you can, you may be asking yourself how to do so cohesively throughout. Having a cohesive design throughout the entirety of your home is one of the most important elements of the design process. It helps you to find a balance in your home and helps you to feel relaxed. If you have a home that’s not decorated cohesively you may feel the imbalance as a feeling of stress as you go from room to room. These tips will help you to design cohesively, whether you’re just starting afresh or you’re updating one room at a time.


Choose your colour palette

Most likely your home will be made and built cohesively so you won’t need to factor in building elements into you redesign project. So the next most important element to consider when choosing a cohesive design for your home is your colour palette. Choosing a neutral colour palette and using it right throughout your home will help your home to feel cohesive throughout every room, no matter what else is going on, mess, different room uses etc. White is my preference as it’s so simple and easy to incorporate into any design, whether you’re going for a retro look, shabby chic, modern or classic look.

Choose flooring wisely

When redecorating or designing your home from scratch one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is the flooring you choose. Unfortunately for most of us we can’t have the exact same flooring throughout the home due to dry and wet spaces, so what can we do to make sure it’s cohesive? Choose just two flooring options instead. One for the living, dining and bedroom spaces and another for the wet spaces, bathroom, mudroom, etc. My preference is to go for wooden floors throughout the living and kitchen spaces and then to choose a simple and minimalistic tile for the bathroom and other wet areas in your home. This keeps things practical as well as stylish.


Window dressings

Not only should your colour palette and your flooring be cohesive throughout your home but so should your window dressings. This one is a little harder to maintain as there may be different needs for different windows, but if you stick to just one or two designs for your windows, like bamboo shutters for the small kitchen windows and bathroom and neutral curtains throughout the larger windows in your living spaces it should help keep things as cohesive as possible.


Furniture design

Another way to keep things looking cohesive throughout your home is to choose a particular style of furniture and stick with it throughout your home. For example if you choose a heavy white, French provincial dining table, make sure you pick white wooden furniture throughout your home, that means in all the bedrooms and living spaces. If instead you pick a more modern or retro chic look, then make sure that’s cohesively used throughout your home as well.

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