How To Get Familiar With Garden Tools And Maintenance

When you first buy a home, a garden is the last place to get any attention and once you have noticed it needs some tending you may find yourself spending extra money on a lawn-service weekly because you don’t have the tools to attack it. It is suggested that when you move in you get the lawn professionally maintained once to get it to a reasonable state. Same with the home, if others have lived there for a while you will want to clean it thoroughly with a cleaning crew. Then you can maintain it easier as you go and save money. Plan to spend at least a hundred dollars right off the bat and two to five on the house depending how bad it is. Most people are only familiar with the lawn mower and you may have some small gardening tools lying around but to do an effective job on a weekly to monthly basis you have to invest some.

So What Is Each Main Tool Used For?

The lawnmower is basic and a staple for every yard large or small. They come in all shapes and sizes and some are run by muscle and some by gas or electric and you can even ride one all the way around the front and back, those are a lot of fun but they are also a lot of money. It is recommended that a riding lawnmower be used when you have a very large front and back yard with a way to just whip around the side to go back and forth. On smaller yards, it is more of a cumbersome thing to use, as you need the swing-space.

Hands And Knees Gardening And Pruning

Hedgers are a must if you have bushes. They are those long scissors looking things that you use with both hands with a green handle to shape your hedges. So this and a lawnmower a must! Then digging shovels are next if you plan on planting trees or other large objects. A spade is a bit different; it is a shorter shovel with a sharp head for cracking tough spots if the soil is dry or contains rock. The garden rake is another useful tool if you are planning on spreading soil along larger areas. A garden rake and a leaf rake are two different things, a garden rake is sturdier, and a leaf rake is more flexible. An Aerate fork is useful and can take the place of a rake if you are not spreading soil but are looking to plant say a vegetable garden. This allows air and water to circulate through the ground more efficiently. A garden hoe or weeding tool is there to take out pesky weeds that choke off good plants and attract unwanted bugs. This is another staple as weed killer can be inconvenient if you have animals as
well as kids that play in the yard.

In conclusion, it is a worth it investment in your home to have all the staple material on hand and you can always stow it away neatly in your Cape Cod Sheds.

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