How To Make A Small Bathroom Seem Bigger.

Your bathroom is one of the rooms guests use most, along with the kitchen. Not only do you want this room to look nice for those visiting your home, but you want your bathroom to look nice for yourself too.

A bathroom should be a relaxing, beautiful space, but it is difficult to relax when you feel claustrophobic in a tiny bathroom.

Small, moderm bathroom

Here are a few tips on how to make your tiny bathroom feel like paradise.

  1. De-clutter

Remove any unnecessary items that take up space and make the room look crowded and busy. This includes magazine racks and empty shampoo bottles that are just standing around not being used.

If there are items cluttering up your bathroom space that you simply can’t go without try to make space for them in the bathroom cupboard or medicine cabinet.

  1. Create a mirage of space

If you can, re-tile your bathroom walls with horizontally patterned wall-tiles. This will make the walls seem longer and the space wider.

  1. Use glass.

Whether you have a “real shower” or a bath with a shower head, a glass shower door will make your bathroom appear bigger. Closed off showers and shower curtains make a space smaller as one cannot actually see all the space.

  1. Install storage units.

Whether you place shelves on the walls or install a cabinet under the sink, storage is essential. Everything functions better, and looks neater, when each item has a space on a shelf instead of playing a balancing game on the back of the toilet.

Decorative MFB is sleek and stylish and works wonderfully for building bathroom cabinets.

  1. Let the light in!

Everyone knows (or should know) that the lighter a space is the bigger it seems. I’m not saying that you should leave your curtains open and let the neighbours watch you shower, but let as much natural light in as possible, when possible. This can be done by installing blinds, lightweight curtains, or misted glass.

  1. Use mirrors to double-up on the light.

Mirrors reflect light making a space seem not only lighter, but bigger as well. Placing one or two extra mirrors in your bathroom will make a huge difference.

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