How to: make your property exciting in the LA sun

Most properties are the architectural equivalent of a comatose geography teacher droning at you about the movement of tectonic plates. You’ll walk through their front door and fall into a stupor when you see their beige walls, plain breakfast bar and plainer ceilings.


Let’s get a little life in here! Let’s add splashes of colour and mix multitudes of furniture together to create a work of beauty! Let’s make this the kind of space that’s hip and cool and brimming with fresh ideas.

But more than that, let’s make it a saleable. When you’ve got a property that stands out from the crowd, especially in the architectural smorgasbord of LA, you’ll increase your chance of netting a tidy profit.

So, what can you do to instil your property with style?

Hit the next level

There’s nothing cooler in a natty new place than a raised platform where you can view the rest of your home. You’ll be like Mufasa surveying his kingdom, although you presumably won’t have a menagerie of animals staring up at you.

To enjoy an elevated view of your home, invest in mezzanine floors. A mezzanine floor is basically a raised platform held up by steel girders, and it can be designed however you like. Want the rustic look? Then keep the original build as is. Looking for something a little sleeker? Then decorate your mezzanine as you wish.

The overall value of your property will dramatically increase if you’ve got a mezzanine floor. So, splash out and make some extra lolly.

Praise the sun!

Why do people live in California? Because they want glitz, glamour and, most of all, the type of sunlight that’ll make your skin sizzle.

That sun, that beautiful sun that makes the heat rise from the pavements of Los Angeles streets and fills the beach with scantily clad men and women at any time of year.

Your property should take full advantage of the glistening weather with a floor-to-ceiling window and skylight. The more of the great outdoors you’ll be able to see, the greater your chance of selling it at a high price.

Pooling in punters

We’ve already discussed the sun – now it’s time to cool down. Invest in a swimming pool for the property you’re selling and its value will skyrocket. Just imagine starting your day in the boiling sun with a fresh dip in the glistening waters of your new pool. You’d definitely fork out a little extra for that opportunity.

These three tips will remove the blandness from your property and prepare it to make a killing on the market. Who knows – you might create a property you’ll want all for yourself!

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