How to Prevent Damaging Your Hardwood Floors

There’s no doubt that hardwood flooring is a pricey, but undeniably beautiful choice for any home. But it loses its value and its beauty if you don’t maintain it properly. It’s actually not all that hard to make sure that your hardwood floor is maintained properly. All you need to do is to follow these sensible tips.

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  1. Keep your hardwood floor out from direct sunlight. The UV rays from the can unevenly lighten the color of your gorgeous hardwood floor. This means that you need protective shades such as blinds and curtains to keep out the harsh sunlight. It’s also best to move the furniture around on a regular basis, so that you can get a more even look to your hardwood floor as time passes.
  2. Use pads on the legs of your furniture. If you’re going to move your furniture around constantly, then these pads will make the work easier as you can just slide the furniture around. You also keep the legs from scratching the wood. In fact, even if you don’t really move the furniture around the use of pads on the legs is always a good idea. Furniture gets bumped all the time, and just regular use can result in some damage to the hardwood.
  3. If it rains, close the window. Water is destructive for your hardwood floor. So if it’s raining hard, keep these windows closed to keep the rain out. If you do spill drinks onto your floor, wipe it up as quickly as possible. Water can really ruin your surface finish, and then it can seep deep into the wood to cause stains.
  4. Put in a lengthy welcome mat at your entrance. It’s best if you can take off your shoes first before you enter your home and step onto your hardwood floor. But that’s not often practical, especially with visitors. Instead, you can have one welcome mat outside to get rid of the worst of the dirt from the shoes of your guests. Then you can have another mat just inside the door. Get a long mat up to 4 or even 6 feet long, so that they can take more steps and get rid of more dirt from their shoes as they enter your home and step onto the hardwood.
  5. Use more rugs for high traffic areas. These are the parts of the floor where people often walk on the most. When you have lots of traffic walking across the floor surface, then this can wear down the finish quicker. You can reduce the wear on your floor by using throw rugs on these areas. Just make sure that these rugs don’t have a rubber or vinyl backing, as these can trap humidity which can then be as ruinous for your hardwood as rainwater from the window.
  6. Dust the floor every day. This will keep the worst of the grit from your wood floor and prevent these particles from scratching the wood.
  7. Vacuum the floors once a week. This is a well-known rule for hardwood floors. The dust particles you step on works just like sandpaper grit on your flooring, and they will eventually wear off the finish of your floor unless you vacuum them off regularly. Just don’t use the beater bar attachments!
  8. Use only recommended cleaning products. When you’re using dust cloths and mops, make sure that they’re specifically designed for wood floors. This means they have non-scratch fibers to keep the wood from getting damaged.

Follow these simple guidelines, and you have a good head start to making sure that you can keep your hardwood flooring looking good for many years to come!

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