How to save money when moving house?

Moving house is a complex project and, like most complex projects, it comes with a lot of expenses. The worst part is that some of those expenses can be hard to predict, or even completely unexpected. Pay for this, pay for that, and, before you know it, your piggy bank is totally empty. The consequences of poor financial planning can be quite serious, which is why we have prepared a bunch of tips to help your family budget survive the house move. Stay with us to get some ideas on how to save money when moving house.

Plan ahead and write everything down

It is literally never too early to start preparing for relocation. The earlier you start, the easier it is to avoid unnecessary expenses. It may seem that you have everything figured out and that there aren’t too many tasks to complete before the moving day. Even if that’s true, you should still write everything down. Making a detailed moving checklist will save you more money than you think. When we say everything, we mean each and every task that has to be done, every important date, every product and service you need to pay for, as well as how much those things cost. Calculating the costs of your move on time is crucial. Otherwise, you might end up paying much more that you need to.

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Once you see everything on a piece of paper, you’ll be more organized and you won’t forget a thing.

DIY or professional services?

DIY has many benefits and the biggest one is keeping the money you would give to a professional. This includes driving, packing, unpacking, etc. However, in order to move house without professional help, you need to know what you are doing. If this is your first relocation, you need someone with experience on your team. It doesn’t have to be a professional mover. It can be a friend or a neighbor who has moved recently. And the more people you gather, the better. But remember – even though you are not actually paying them, you should prepare some food and drinks.

Compare and choose moving services

Some moves require professional assistance, especially when moving special or valuable items. The distance also plays an important role.If you want to move cross country while reducing costs, consider doing as much as you can by yourself and leaving the more difficult/dangerous tasks, such as carrying heavy items, disassembling and reassembling furniture, etc. to professionals.

Starting your preparations on time is particularly important if you are using the services of a professional moving company. In case you need any kind of professional moving services,doing research early is key to saving money when moving house. Chances are, you will need to rent a truck, at least, so use the internet and gather information. Some companies offer early bird discounts, while others are simply in high demand. Therefore, visit and compare different companies so as to find the most affordable one and hire it on time.

Book the cheapest day and season

Movers’ rates normally vary depending on the time of the week/month/year.Summer is the busiest season and winter is the slowest. Consequently, moving companies adjust their rates to fit the demand. Furthermore, Friday is the most popular day for moving because people who work on weekdays have more time to settle in. On the other hand, Sunday is the cheapest day of the week. Also, the beginning and the end of the month are normally busier, thus more expensive, than the rest of the month. All things considered, if you need someone to help you relocate, try to avoid the days when everyone else is moving.

Declutter to save money when moving house

This strategy is pretty logical, yet not so easy to implement. The fewer items you have, the cheaper the relocation, right? Correct. However, parting with our personal items can be hard, even if we have no use for them. Still, tossing or donating unnecessary items can save us a lot of money. Selling is an even better option for your moving budget. Sometimes, you don’t even have a choice. For example, when downsizing from a house to a condo, there is simply not enough space for all that stuff.

How to approach the packing process

Packing is a big part of the move. Professionals know exactly how to protect your belongings and which materials to use. But, their services tend to be pricey. To save money while moving home, try to pack as much as you can by yourself. Remember when we said to leave the most difficult tasks to the pros? Well, packing fragile items is one of those tasks. You want your expensive chandelier and your grandmother’s china to remain unharmed. Still, there are items you can easily pack with little to no experience. If you’re not sure how to do it, you can find useful instructions online or ask your movers for advice.

Find free packing supplies

Of course, whatever you pack, make sure you use the right packing supplies. Some items require sturdy containers, while others can be put in ordinary trash bags. There are many places where you can get free supplies, such as grocery stores and liquor stores. Also, use the bags, boxes and suitcases you already have at home. Borrowing packing supplies from friends and family will also save you some cash.

We hope these money-saving tips have been helpful. Now that you’ve found ways to save money when moving house, perhaps you can treat yourself to a new piece of furniture or an awesome housewarming party. Be careful though – you should have some savings at all times because unexpected costs can appear anywhere, anytime.

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