How to Sell Your Home and Move Cross-Country While Reducing Stress and Costs

Deciding to move cross-country is a huge decision. Before you get to your new home, however, there’s a lot that needs to be done. You’ll need to sell your current home, plan for a move, and get settled into your new place. The next couple of months are going to be stressful, to say the least. When you factor in the cost of selling a home and moving cross-country, that stress only increases.

If you want to save your sanity and your checking account, it’s best to do some research and plan in advance. To get you started, here are some ways to reduce the stress and costs of selling your home and moving cross-country.


Time Your Move Appropriately

What you may not know about the cost of moving cross-country is that timing is everything. If you want to find great moving quotes, you want to try and move in the winter time. As most families try to relocate during the summer to prevent moving the kids out of school early, the winter is a slower season for moving companies. Another suggestion would be to move in the middle of the week and month. The first day of the month is generally moving day or the start of a lease for tenants, making moving companies and trucks in high demand, and weekends are always popular.

Higher Professional Movers

Trying to load all of your things into a moving truck and then traveling with your family for thousands of miles is not only stressful but expensive. Your best bet would be to hire a professional moving company to do the job for you. You can decide to pack your own belongings to reduce the costs, however, and you’ll save on things like toll and gas if you allow the moving company to ship your things for you. Also, your family won’t have to be stuck in the same vehicle for days at a time.

Have Your Car Shipped

Taking your car clear across the country will put a lot of stress on your vehicle. There are also factors that were previously discussed, like your family crammed in the car for days at a time, and the cost of gas and tolls. You’d be surprised what kind of deals you can find on airline tickets, especially if you’ve planned your move for a weekday. Plus, you can have your car shipped to your new place. Companies like Ship a Car Direct can give you a quote on how much this would cost. Chances are the plane tickets and the cost of having your car shipped will still save you money and be more convenient than driving cross-country.

Get Rid of a LOT of Things

The more items you have to ship the more it’s going to cost. To save money on moving, it is best to start purging your things. Don’t take anything with you that you have no need or use for anymore. When it comes to furniture and appliances, consider the current condition they’re in and how old they are. If it is an older or less efficient appliance or a pretty beat up couch, you’re better off leaving it than packing it. You can actually earn some money by selling your unwanted things online or hosting a yard sale.

Do Comparison Shopping for Home Services

If you’re going to need services like internet, cable, and a telephone, you can save yourself a lot of time and money by doing some comparison shopping before you move. You can often find great bundle packages where you can combine the three services for one monthly rate. Be sure to set up an installment date to coincide with the move so you’ll be there for the service person.

Sell Your Own Home

A major way to save on the cost of selling your property and moving across the country is to sell your home yourself. Although you may have thought you needed a real estate agent to do this, the truth is that lots of homeowners do it themselves. They slash thousands of dollars on the sale by eliminating what they’d have to pay the agent in commission. Be sure to do some research to make sure that you’re taking the appropriate steps when doing a for sale by owner (FSBO).

Selling a house while planning a cross-country move is going to be stressful. There will also be some associated costs that you can’t avoid. Be that as it may, you can reduce the stress and the cost of moving with a bit of research and creativity. The above-mentioned list should give you a great headstart.


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