How to Sell Your House on FSBO Real Estate Websites

Selling your home can be a great deal of work if you will do it the traditional way. Marketing of the property, negotiating with the buyer, and paper works can seem intimidating, thus many choose to hire an agent to do these for them. But what those people may not know about is that, being involved in the sales process of their property can be more effective and economical than using an agent. You can sell your house on for sale by owner (FSBO) sites and reach potential buyers from all over Australia. 


Selling Through a Real Estate Agent VS For Sale by Owner websites

Before anyone can decide which is better between selling your home through an agent or onFSBO, it may be necessary to look at their pros and cons. It should also be noted that many buyers are looking for more options to find the property they are interested with, thus concentrating on agents alone may not turn out well. Below is a brief comparison between the two methods.

  • Commission. Agents are paid on commission. The average they receive is about 3 percent of the cost of the house. The fee can get higher depending on the time and effort required of the agent. If you will sell your house on for sale by owner sites, you will not have to pay thousands of dollars on commission.
  • Price. If you will sell your house online through For Sale By Owner properties sites, you will decide on how much you want it to be sold for. The problem with using an agent is that, they may be desperate to sell your property and sell it for a lower price than it is worth. Selling your house online lets you negotiate directly with prospective buyers, and close the deal without a middleman.
  • Advertising. If you will hire an agent to market your house, you do not have control of the methods the agent will use. The agent may have other properties to sell and give least priority to your house. For sale by owner will make your property a featured listing on popular sites like,, and As we all know, majority of the population today use the internet to find things they need.
  • Documentation. For the sale to proceed, documentations such as the contract of sale are required by law. This should be included in the agent duties. But if you will sell your house through FSBO, you can either handle the paper works on your own or hire a conveyance or solicitor at a minimal fee.

How to Use a For Sale by Owner Site

Selling your house through FSBO websites is very simple. You will only have to choose your package, register, and make a payment. You house is then automatically listed on different FSBO sites. You will have an account to control how you want the advertisement to appear. You can also add photos of the house and set your price. If you do not have the resources to do the floor plans, for sale sign, open for inspection sign, and brochures, you can also order these services through FSBO or Owner Assisted Real Estate websites. For sale by owner websites allow your property to get noticed by potential buyers at less the cost it will take if you hired an agent.

Written by For Sale For Lease – the top real estate agency who service the Greater Melbourne area.

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