How to Stop Bedbugs Getting into Your Home

Bedbugs are tiny little creatures that are very hard to see and get rid of. They’re also extremely difficult to prevent coming into your home because of the many different places they can hide away.

In this article I’ll look at five of the precautions you can take to try to stop bedbugs getting into your home.

  • Be wary of second-hand furniture

People often throw away what seem to be really good items of furniture. For example, you may be driving past a skip and see a mattress or old chest of drawers for a bedroom and think about picking them up.

There’s also a big market for second-hand furniture online. Again, if you really want to avoid bringing bedbugs into your home, it’s best to stay away from used items. Bedbugs are so hard to spot with the naked eye it’s very unlikely someone will knowingly sell or give you something that’s infested with them.

  • Be careful where you put things

If you don’t want to be bitten buy bedbugs as you sleep (and let’s face it who does?), you need to think about the items you place on your bed. For example, you may put a suitcase or bag on it when you come back from a holiday and it could be full of bedbugs that then take up home in your mattress.

Even something like a handbag after being on a night out could transfer bedbugs onto your mattress or other home furnishings.

  • Wash your holiday clothes at a high temperature

Hotels are notorious for bedbugs because the little critters like to hitchhike to new places. If you’ve been in holiday accommodation the best thing to do when you return is to empty your washing straight from your suitcase into the washing machine. Also make sure you wash your clothes at the highest temperature setting.

  • Watch out for old books

Second-hand books are another potential source of bedbugs. If you buy old books on ebay or at local garage sales and read them at bedtime, you could be open to uninvited guests getting under your bed sheets.

Once you have bedbugs it’s very hard to get rid of them without the help of a pest control company. Many people don’t even know they have bedbugs until they start waking up with painful red bites.

  • Get to grips with your house guests

Bedbugs can easily be carried in on people’s clothes and suitcases. If you’ve got guests coming to stay in your home, there are a few simple things you can do to reduce the risk of an infestation.

Things such as not leaving dirty clothes lying around and making sure bags aren’t left on beds are a good start. It’s worth noting that no matter how meticulous you are, there is no guaranteed way of stopping bedbugs getting into your home.

This article has more information on how to spot the tell-tale signs of a bedbug infestation so after you’re guests are gone, you can call in the experts if you need to.

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