How to Successfully Host an Open House

Selling your home is not an easy task. It’s called operation open house. During such moments, you need to ensure that the right people show up. Everyone knows the basics: keep the house clean and decorated for the clients. But after clearing all the clutter and employing your best staging skills, what do you need to attract serious buyers? Knowing a few real estate tricks pays.


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Use Technology

Well, technology is fun and there is an app for everything. If you are using an agent, ensure that they are using the latest apps. There are also real estate sites where you can post and find Albuquerque homes for sale, for example. The fact is that today, most people begin looking for houses to buy online. Advertising on well-known websites allows you to find serious buyers faster and more conveniently. To ensure your advertisement accomplishes its purpose, take great pictures. This means taking more than a few token pictures. Include any features such as the number of bedrooms and its price.

Don’t Forget Low Tech Consumers

While using technology is a great way to save on paper, remember that not all serious buyers are tech savvy. In addition to updating your pictures, getting competitive prices and de-cluttering your home, you’ll want to update that home for sale or open house sign. Such buyers are known as riders because they usually drive around looking for open house signs. So, ensure you indicate the date and time the open house will be taking place.  For a couple of dollars, anyone driving by will know you are selling your house.

Enlist Your Neighbors

One thing most home sellers dislike is having their neighbors snooping in their closets. However, that may be a great thing. Your neighbors are your best salespeople.  So, allow them to come in and check out the house. You may be surprised to have one of them buy the house from you.

Create a Depersonalized and Neutral Environment

Ensure that you remove anything from your home that could be considered controversial. You also need to remove all your pictures. You need to ensure that you make your house a place that another person can picture themselves in. They cannot do that if you have your pictures and stuffed animals everywhere.  That blank slate allows your buyers to picture themselves in the home and increases their chances of buying the home.

Choose the Perfect Time

Spring is historically the best time to sell your home because it is the time most buyers are out looking for property. Families with children have the perfect time to get comfortable in the home during the summer break around the corner, and the weather supports moving around and browsing for great options. While most serious buyers will look any time of the year, they consider spring the best time to find various offers on your apartment for sale so have it ready and impressive. Being ready at the right time will ensure that you do not miss out on potentially great buyers who are looking to find an apartment like yours to move into.

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