How You Can Make Savings Around The Home

Just buying a house and getting it ready to live in is expensive enough let alone running it, most homeowners out there will be watching every cent that they spent and trying to look for ways to save. The amount of money spent on the home really becomes apparent when you need to shell out for something big, perhaps a vacation, a gift or even renovations on the home. Thankfully, since the 2008 economic crisis, more and more people looked for and found new and novel ways to save money around the house. Here are some of our top money saving tips, both new and old, that you can employ to help the health of your bank balance.


Energy consumption is one of the biggest expenditures when running a home, you cannot change the price of energy but you can work hard and smart to avoid paying too much. Traditional methods still work when it comes to energy usage in the home, switching off lights when they’re not in use or converting to energy saving bulbs can help the electric bill. When it comes to heating you should be closing doors, ensuring windows are insulated and put on extra layers instead of turning the heating on. You could also look to putting solar panels on your roof to help you minimize your energy consumption, solar panel company Sunnova Solar’s customers say that they have saved up to 20% on their electricity bills and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want that kind of saving!

Switching Providers

When it comes to the companies who provide your energy, your internet, home insurance and phone services, there is a great deal of competition amongst them for your business. Because of this competition they all offer great deals if you switch your service to theirs. Spend a day every few months calling around different service providers and grab yourself a great deal.

Rent a Room

With websites like AirBnb growing so rapidly, it has never been easier to rent out your spare room. This not only fills empty space in your house but can help you to make some additional money. Short term tenants will make you more money but they will also require more work on your part whereas as long term tenants will expect a discount but they give you the peace of mind that you can rely on their rent for some months.


Need a new bookshelf? Want to give a room a new lick of paint? Clothes need fixing? The cost effective and money saving answer is to do it yourself. Even if you feel as though you don’t possess the skills to do a particular project then fear not as there is a treasure trove of advice and do it yourself videos online. Doing jobs yourself may cost you time but they will only cost you a fraction of the money that you would pay to have a professional do them for you.

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