Important things to consider before picking up shower screen for your bathroom

When it comes to buying shower screens, you must be able to make a smart choice for bathroom. Installing shower screens can help in improving the appearance of your old bathroom and give it a stunning look. It will also enable you to protect floors and walls from water damage. They are available in different shapes, sizes, styles and materials and this enables you to pick up the one that bests suits your requirement.

It is extremely important to conduct thorough research before picking up the right kind of shower screen for your bathroom. Make sure you choose shower screen that matches with the decoration and style of your washroom and creates a big difference on home renovation. Although it may be difficult to select perfect shower screens, you can make the process easy by keeping these things in mind.


  • Door space – The most important thing that homeowners need to consider before choosing shower screen is the size of the shower and the space that surrounds the area. Bathrooms with huge door space can install pivot doors that can be opened in both the directions. One the other hand, if you have less space in the bathroom, then choosing unobtrusive sliding doors is the best option. Bi-fold shower doors are perfect for small bathrooms that are used for outward opening door.  If you are a resident of Sydney and looking for shower screens in Sydney, then you must get in touch with some reputable companies of the area.

  • Size of washroom – Another important thing is the size of washroom since it can make the space look big or small depending upon your choice of shower screen. It is always best to purchase clear glass for small bathroom since it provides sophisticated look and does not make the space look small. On the other hand, frosted or tilted glass panes are best option for large washrooms as it will not compromise with the size of the room.

  • Privacy level – In case of bathroom, privacy is an important concern and if it shared with someone, you must provide extra protection. If you install clear glass, then others will not be able to use the sink when a person is using the shower. Frosted glass panel, on the other hand, will allow another person to use bathroom even when one is already inside the washroom.

  • Ease of maintenanceBathroom maintenance is extremely important so that every person uses it in a clean and tidy way. If you have installed glass screens, then they are easy to clean than frosted ones. However, it is best to use frameless shower enclosures since they are easy to maintain and there isn’t any area where soap may accumulate.

 It is advisable to choose shower screens that can add privacy to your bathroom. You may ask for recommendations from providers as they can suggest which is best for your washroom. If you want, you may tell them about your preference and see what they have to say before installing shower screen in the bathroom.

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