Important Things to Think About Before Selling Your Home

So you’re selling your home? You’ll need to decide which method is right for you. The main ways to sell are the following:

  • Using an estate agent
  • Online-based property buyers such as Quick Move Now
  • Selling by yourself – a handy guide can be found here
  • Selling at a property auction

This article will take an at-a-glance look at important things you need to think about before you put your house on the market in any of these three ways to help you plan the big move.


Minor Maintenance Tasks

Touching up superficial damage can make a significant difference to the buyer’s perception of the property. Even tasks as minor as giving chipped paint work or damaged wallpaper a lick of paint, it can dramatically improve the way your home looks. Fix any leaks or broken fixtures and fittings that a buyer will notice and be unimpressed by – it’s cheap and doesn’t take long.

Appearances are Important

Take a look at your home as if you were a buyer with completely different décor ideas and tastes. These tips will ensure your buyer can see the potential in your house as their new home:

  • Remove clutter
    Put your excess belongings in storage for the duration of selling process.
  • Take good quality photos that stand out from others (if selling independently)
    High resolution images in colour can display your home in its best light
  • Keep pets out of the home
    As much as we love our pets, they can get in the way or potentially put off buyers.
  • Make sure it smells fresh and clean – but don’t go overboard on the air freshener.

Legalities: Inspections and Admin

Your buyer, if they’re smart, will have an inspection performed on the house, so it makes sense to identify any problems yourself first. Highlighting problems that may put a buyer off later on gives you a chance to sort out the problem before a buyer will see it. This tool shows accredited surveyors near you. You will need to organise the processing of all the legal documents for the move – a solicitor or conveyancer is highly recommended for this part of the process.

Finally: Make a Packing Checklist

Packing for each different room can make finding things so much easier for the unpacking process. Start well in advance, packing seasonally inappropriate things first. If you’re able to, move things in slowly and don’t rush the packing process, especially if you have the luxury of time on your side. A handy online tool can be found here.

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