Integrity Heating and Cooling – Getting the Most Out Of Your Air Conditioning

Getting the most out of you air conditioning unit is essential to saving you money on your energy bills and making sure that you have a home which is cool during those hot summer days. To help us find out more about how we can be more efficient in cooling our homes, we spoke to some of the team at Integrity Heating and Cooling here in Mokena,Il. Integrity is the best choice for anyone who lives in the Mokena, Il area and they can help with a  wide range of air conditioning or home furnace needs which you may have. With the summer days not far away then, here is how you can get the most out of your air conditioning unit.


Seal Leaks


The easiest thing that you can do to get started is to seal all of the leaks around the home which may let in warm air or let out the cold. The key places which are usually prone to leaking are the windows and frames, as well as the doors and door frames. If you have an attic then this can be a common place for air to leak out as well.




Something else which you shod be considering is to not allow the heat from the sunshine get in to begin with. You can do this using curtains, shading windows and blinds, all of which are brilliant and preventing that heat from getting in to the house to start with. The less heat that is coming into the home the less that you will have to use your air conditioner, thus saving you money and making sure that you stay cool.


Lighting and Appliances


Most modern homes will use energy efficient light bulbs and appliances but for those who do still have old appliances or light bulbs, these can produce a great amount of heat. If you still have some of those old incandescent bulbs kicking around, it is time to modernized and get that heat away from the home.




If you block up the vents in your home you will be essentially choking off the air flow which will then mean a reduction in pressure for the AC. Make sure that you keep these vents clear at all times and that you do not block them with clothing or anything else which you may throw in front of them.


Going Out


If it is a warm summer day then the best thing that you can do is to head out and about and enjoy it, or alternatively go out and look for a quiet shaded area under a tree where you can sit down and read a book. The AC may help you on an evening when it gets hot and sticky but to really save money on your air conditioning, the best advice is not to use it at all.



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