Keeping Your House Cool in Summer

Approximately half of your energy usage goes towards heating and cooling your home. In fact, the heat in Texas has air conditioners working overtime to keep Texans cool. This could lead to broken air conditioners, high utility bills, and more frequent service repairs. How can homeowners keep all of their appliances working effectively and save money in those hot Texas summers?

Texas might be a cool place, but the summers are sweltering. The average summer temperatures in Texas are between 90 and 100 degrees, so air conditioning is important. Almost all Texas homeownerss have cooling units. In fact, over 80 percent of homeowners have central air conditioning systems, but some still use window or wall air conditioning units.

Ways to stay cool in Texas without turning on the air conditioner include grabbing a cool treat, heading to the movies or the mall for free air conditioning, taking a dip in a pool, lake, ocean, or other cool body of water, and finding cool activities to get out of the sun, like exploring caves, or visiting a museum. Fill a spray bottle with water to cool yourself off when you start to overheat. In addition, remember to keep fans on to circulate air throughout your house.

Does Texas use more air conditioning than other states? Can Texans lower their energy bills by keeping cool in other ways? What’s the best way to stay cool during a Texas heat wave? Find these answers and more in McWilliams & Son’s infographic, called “Keeping Your Cool in Texas.”36420_mediagistics-mcwilliams-home-cooling_final-page-001

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