Learn What Makes Wicker and Rattan Such Versatile Patio Furniture Materials

Outdoor wicker furnishings are as sensible as they are stylish, says Wicker Paradise. Furniture constructed from rattan will work beautifully in virtually any outdoor setting, from the most modest attached porch to the largest poolside patio. Your love of rattan’s classic look might prompt you to choose wicker over other materials for your patio set. In addition to the great look, you’ll also benefit from wicker’s versatility.


You Choose the Color

Wicker comes in a variety of colors, from muted beige and light gray tones to dark brown and black. With such a large variety of colors to choose from, you can give your outdoor space a lighter and brighter look or one that’s richer and more intense. Keep in mind, your wicker chairs and table will help make your outdoor event a success. Your choice of color will contribute a lot to the mood.

You Change the Layout

Wicker furniture is constructed from rattan, a durable yet lightweight natural reed material. Because wicker tables and chairs are easy to shift, lift and carry, you can easily rearrange your tables and chairs to accommodate last-minute guests or a shrinking crowd. By changing up your heavy furniture to lightweight wicker, you’ll enjoy greater versatility in terms of your layout.

You Pick the Cushions

Variety and versatility are the name of the game when it comes to outdoor chair cushions. For an updated look, trade your trusty floral print for a bold geometric or plaid. Or, opt for a rich solid-color cushion that complements your new set of picnicware.

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