Locksmith Scams and How to Avoid Them

The idea of losing your keys is often scary. But what you may find even scarier is having to employ the services of a locksmith. Locksmiths are what many like to refer to as a necessary evil. Once you’ve misplaced your keys and cannot find them, the greatest headache is not associated with finding a locksmith. Rather, it emanates from the problem of identifying someone that you can entrust with the work. Often, locksmiths are not the kind of people that you encounter frequently. It is unlikely that you’ll be familiar with them enough to allow them to work on your locks. Here are tips to identifying locksmith scams and how to avoid them.



Numerous cases have been reported in the U.S. regarding lock scams that have resulted in losses for those seeking the services. Such cases vary in type, effect, and cost. Some scams entail poorly opened locks and doors due to inexperience in the concerned situation. There are those that are more dangerous resulting in the theft of property. An individual with a master key may pose as a locksmith. Such a situation may end up in case of robbery or even more life-threatening situations.

Establishing Scams

Avoiding losses when dealing with locksmiths requires that you possess an understanding of scams including their appearance, and being on the lookout at all times. There are several things that you can consider when looking for a locksmith to minimize the risk of getting scammed.

Go Local

When conducting your search for a locksmith, priority should be on locksmiths located in your region. Give more weight to companies that have a physical as well as strong online presence. If you’re in South Perth, for instance, you can check out www.southperthlocksmiths.com.au. Go to the websites of the various companies you come across and check out some of the reviews posted. Be sure to determine if they are registered and that they operate with a specific name that reflects in their legal records. Find out if there may be other companies using the same name. Also, check out if the company may be sharing a name with another business.

Request for a Quotation and Check for Extra charges

Most locksmiths do not have a problem quoting their prices before your meeting. However, a good number have a habit f switching positions and baiting their customers through the posting of lower prices on their adverts only to raise them prices upon arrival. They may base their claims for higher prices on the complexity of the work. Quoted prices that appear too good should raise a red flag. Ensure the locksmith provides a quotation that covers for the all the costs associated with the task at hand.

Final Tip: Be cautious when dealing with a company that recommends drilling instead of simply opening or replacing the lock. Experienced locksmiths have excellent skills and tools necessary in handling most types of locks used on doors. This is particularly critical when the locks in question are those on the front door. In such cases, always seek a second opinion from a different locksmith company.





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