Make Fine Art With These Decorative Light Fixtures

Light has been major facet of displaying art for centuries. For the last decade or so, the advancements in light technology have allowed for some amazing enhancements to how we view art. In some interesting cases, light has incorporated itself into the art.


Making fine art with light goes beyond how you probably envision it. A piece of art on a museum wall with a single light illuminating the piece. And while this is nice, it still doesn’t breathe life into the actual piece.


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When light is used strategically to enhance a piece of art, you get an entire new view of the piece. Colors light up that didn’t before, and can show the full range of luminous brilliance with the right kind of light. Here’s the difference:


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Things get really creative when art has both aspects of light, from off of the face at a different angle, and from behind. Ideally art is best viewed when all of the dimensions are highlight from three different angles, especially if the art is a sculpture or 3 dimensional itself.


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The angle of the light is totally subject to the art piece. It might look best if one of the light angles is pointing directly down on the piece, or from a side if to show a shadow effect.


Types of Light


LED – These types of lights are great for showing art, but you may not have them already available or they might be an expensive option for lighting art that you already have in your house.

Fluorescent Lights – Decorative light fixtures are great for turning existing lights into art, and there are already many people doing this. These typically exist on ceilings and display any number of different types of art.

Incandescent Lights – These lights create a warm color and bring out yellows and reds in artwork, so if you have something you want to light in this color range, this will make the piece look the best.

Halogen Lights – These lights cast the purest white light, which is great for any art. Because they generate a lot of heat, halogen lights need to stay far enough away from the art not to affect it.

Decorative Art Ideas

There are some relatively simple ways to display very affordable art in your home that brings the ‘fine art’ look to the piece, room and the home overall. In these cases, using backlit light to display a piece, even if it’s a simple print, makes a large impact on the viewer.

Photo by Octolights

This piece, displayed backlit in a living area with fluorescents is a print you can buy from the website for less than $100. While it’s obvious that the piece isn’t truly fine art, it certainly makes the value of the room look and feel enhanced.


This works on a wall or a ceiling, and if you’ve already got fluorescents on your home, school or office, this is probably the easiest way to enhance a room. And because there are a bunch of styles and patterns out there, it becomes a very easy way to decorate a space with art.


A child’s room, a school, anything is appropriate here. Many homes are designed with different types of light crossing paths easily in a room. In these cases, using them all to effect the art in a smart way make the art more enhanced.

Recessed light and track lighting combined with backlit are popular ways to cast different angles and shadows on the artwork or room.

Photo by DIY network


Installing lights are pretty simple and can easily be accomplished by a homeowner or handyman, and if you’re careful, it’s pretty cheap too.

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