Make the Most out of your Wagers with Chimney Sweep

There are indeed countless incredible online slot games to be enjoyed when playing on online casinos. Today there is such a wide variety to choose from, you may find yourself overwhelmed, unable to decide upon which game to choose from out of the hundreds available on a website.

On a place like Grande Vegas mobile casino, you will be indeed spoiled for choice, but you can be assured that all of the games available to play on your smartphone will be of an excellent standard of quality and performance – but more importantly – will ensure that the winnings keep flowing!

Let us now look at one of the most popular online slot games available today, the classically modelled ‘Chimney Sweep’

Prepare to get Swept Away

Coming from Endorphina – one of the online gambling world’s greatest service providers – comes a sweet and very enjoyable game called Chimney Sweep. With is simple and relaxing setup, both newcomers and online gambling veterans alike will love this game.

Chimney Sweep is designed with the classic slot games in mind, both in terms of gaming mechanics and its aesthetics and theme. It has a total of five reels, and a maximum of 10 paylines to activate. The game’s wagers work on a coin system, which is your credit level, and must be adjusted accordingly with each play.

These coins will allow you a steady and continuous amount of plays, all dependent on how much credit you are willing to personally submit. For this reason, it is important that you make the most out of your payline decisions.

The Basics of Chimney Sweep

The slots in this game are made up from twelve symbols. These symbols are largely made up of playing card symbols, such as the king, queen, and ace symbols. Then the rest are made up from various real life animal drawings and still-life objects.

Obviously getting a matching line of such symbols will earn you a winning, but the real fun and chance to win big comes in the ‘Take Risk’ round, when a thrilling game of guessing comes to play. Here, one must try and select a card that has a greater numerical value than that which the artificial intelligence in the game selected. A successful guess will have your winnings doubled.

The Chimney Sweep Bonus Rounds

Like most online gambling slot games, entrance to the Chimney Sweep bonus rounds all depends on your collection of scatter symbols, which in this game are the fireplace symbols. Once you have collected just two fireplace symbols, you will be entered into the bonus round, where you will have access to a complimentary fifteen symbols.

The Jackpot

Any online gambling slot game is obviously played with the hopes of winning the highly sought-after jackpot! In Chimney Sweep, the jackpot can be won if the Chimney Sweep symbol itself is match a total of five times on a single payline.

Try your best with this game, and make the most out of its cute yet highly rewarding setup.




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