Make your garden look fantastic this spring with a new pond

The arrival of spring is an exciting time – leaves back on trees, colour all around, and best of all? You get your garden back, and the chance to christen its rebirth with an incredible water feature or, to be more specific, the pond you’ve always wanted.


For backyard enthusiasts, getting stuck into designing the ultimate garden-shaping pond is what it’s all about, and a great place to get your pond starter kits from is Swell UK. Having this vital kit at your disposal means that all the fundamentals are taken care of. You don’t have to worry about purifying machines, lining, protective fabric etc. – you can simply brandish your spade and get digging while imagining what your friends will say when they set eyes on your new creation.

So let’s explore your pond options in a bit more depth – shapes, sizes, water features, and most importantly, how to get it all started. First things first – what shape do you want your pond to be? The choice here is most often between natural shapes with no edges, or a more contemporary rectangular or L-shaped masterpiece. While the latter may be more suited to a stylish lower ground apartment, the former is perfect for a family garden.

So you have made your choice. Now it’s time to dig the all important hole and fill it with clay and sand. Once this has been smoothed out, it should be covered with protective fabric so as the lining is not punctured.

One of the most pleasing stages of DIY pond building is how you decorate your new addition. Those installing a naturally shaped pool in a family garden will often want it to sit in amongst an assortment of flowers and shrubs, while a contemporary ‘edged’ pool should stand out in a minimalist manner which will often mean few, if any, plants, with pebbles or rocks more likely.

Finally, we have the extravagant water features that can make your pond stand out from the crowd. The range of fountains out there is truly staggering, and again this is dependent on the style you are going for. Natural looking waterfalls which emerge from behind the greenery are always a winner, while those with more eccentric tastes can choose from a plethora of standout installations, from mini Buddhas, to exotic animals. Not only do waterfalls give your pond that ‘wow’ factor, they also oxygenate the water in your pond, which is particularly handy if you have fish swimming around.

With the ferocious winter out of the way, spring represents the light at the end of the tunnel, and there is no better way to embrace this light than by basking in it as you sculpt your very own pond. Enjoy!

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