Martin LaMar on How Affordable Housing Communities Can Market Themselves to Prospective Renters and Buyers

Housing communities always have to market themselves to attract new residents. According to Martin LaMar, it often doesn’t matter whether those housing communities are affordable or conventional types. Indeed, both will apply similar tactics, but they will focus specifically on their own demographical target.

Martin LaMar on Marketing Affordable Housing

There are a number of specific tools and processes available for those who want to market affordable housing communities. It is recommended that they speak to housing experts such as Grefe about how best to do this and, if there is an executive residents’ board, that they are consulted first as well. The following tactics have been shown to be quite effective for affordable housing:

  1. To use mobile platforms. Potential residents will use the online world to find their new accommodation and it is important, therefore, that affordable housing communities are found there. That being said, most people now access the internet using their mobile devices, so it is also vital that the sites on which affordable communities advertise are optimized for mobile use. Furthermore, going mobile means that properties can be viewed not just by those already in that particular metropolitan area, but also beyond. Thanks to social media, properties can be shared far and wide.
  2. All forms of marketing are about education. Hence, affordable communities should educate prospective renters of what is on offer in the community. This should focus on things such as nearby schools, the local health care provisions, bus routes, sports facilities, malls, and so on. It should also provide details such as the latest crime figures. While there are some details that may not paint the community in a very positive light, it is important to be open and transparent about the reality of life.
  3. Traditional marketing is not dead. While most people use the internet nowadays, there is nothing wrong with also using local advertising opportunities such as The Blade and other local papers.
  4. Community relationships are what attract new renters to the areas. Marketers are recommended to write a letter signed by all residents, for instance, that shows a public commitment to improvement of the area. They can also include photographs and small bios of the biggest movers and shakers in the community, effectively creating a more personal approach.

Affordable housing communities have a bad name. They are seen as places where criminals and gang members congregated. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Affordable housing is a world away from the old fashioned tenement halls. People now have to go through an extensive vetting process before they can be accepted to these homes, including having to supply references from past tenants, neighbors, and family members. Affordable housing communities are homely, tight communities with beautiful properties and supportive people. They have to market themselves as such, however, ensuring that people find out what it means to live in these communities and why they should consider it for themselves and their families.

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