Most Commonly Stolen Items at Home and How to Prevent Possible Burglary

Burglary is becoming a problem everywhere you go. Even the safest neighbourhood can still suffer from this problem. Sometimes, the crime has been well-planned and so the criminals end up stealing some of the most valuable items at home. Others even have a criminal history and it did not deter them from still doing another crime.


The crazy part is that burglars really know which items to target. They are really good at identifying items that are valuable enough and stealing them. Here is a list of the most stolen items and how to avoid them from being stolen.


If you have cash at home, make sure that you keep it. When cash is stolen, it is difficult to recover it. The average recovery rate for cash is just 2.7%. Therefore, if you have just withdrawn a good amount of money, keep it in a security box at home. Better yet, as soon as you have received a huge amount of cash, deposit it right away. Using the Internet for financial transactions is also recommended to avoid keeping a huge amount of cash.


This has always been on the list of items burglars love to steal. Jewellery can be very valuable, and the amount increases over time. They don’t even have to cash in the items immediately. They can wait until potential investigations are done or even sell the stolen items in another place. The good thing is that security has been tightened for potential sales via black markets or pawn shops. There are secure jewellery boxes you can buy so that even if burglars manage to break in, they can’t steal what is inside the box.

Motorised vehicles

These are hot items just because of their value. Stolen vehicles sold to people who are willing to buy second-hand items mean instant money for thieves. Sometimes, the person buying the vehicle understands how the vehicle was obtained but is still willing to buy it considering the price. The good thing is that vehicles have registration numbers. They can be easily tracked. Therefore, according to reports, half of the stolen vehicles are ultimately recovered.

Tips to prevent the problem

There are still a lot of other potential items that could be stolen from your home. You can’t prevent criminals from pushing through with their plans, but you can catch them in the act or later once they have already done the crime.

Illuminating your outdoor area is the first step. Seeing lights scares them away as no one wants to steal with all eyes on them. Another tip is to install a quality self-monitoring system like the one offered by

You can now monitor what is going on at home even when you are away. You can call for help when burglars attempt to break in and catch them right away.

Don’t be a victim!






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