New Trend: window blinds to decorate your bedroom

Everyone who has ever been involved in building a house will tell you that the most difficult part is the finish – decorating. We find it so difficult, because decorating is the process of putting a part of yourself into the house. It involves personal style. But no matter how difficult it may seem, decorating can be fun and exciting.


The best thing to do when decorating is to put some of your personal style into your living space. We all have a dressing style we like the best, so that could be a starting point. Think about what elements of a specific style would you like to add to your home.

The most important part in your house is the bedroom. It’s the place that should be the cosiest and most appealing, since you spend so much time there. A bedroom should make you relaxed, productive, calm and happy. No dark colors or anything else that is too distracting, because such things could affect your sleep quality and mental health.

Yet there is one place that every bedroom has but few people actually pay attention to when decorating. Windows. It’s an important part of your room, because that’s where all natural light comes from. Having heavy long curtains always was a popular solution, but they block almost all natural light coming from outside and make the room look dark and ,,heavy”. A bare window is not a good choice either. A bare window doesn’t add anything to the room and let’s too much sunlight in, making it hot and uncomfortable. The newest trend that is making it’s way through the globe – window blinds.

Bedroom roller blinds or vertical blinds may sound a bit strange, but they actually are the best thing that you could have in your home. Window blinds shelter you from sunlight without making the room really dark, they don’t completely block sunlight. They don’t take up much space and give the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is. And the most important thing is that you can customise them to fit the style of your room much more than curtains.

Have pictures of famous photographers on your window or some cool graphic patterns. You can match window blinds to any style you choose. You can even have blinds with the picture or pattern you upload and make your bedroom look unique, original and special. If you love nature, choose a picture of a beautiful landscape. Want a minimalistic feel? Choose blinds with a monochrome graphic pattern to fit your needs. You can even have blinds in your kids bedroom with pictures of animals or anything they love. At you can find blinds to match every style.

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