Patio Design Ideas

Though it’s hard to imagine patio design without the inclusion of wicker furniture, wicker is only one of many elements that can make a patio as individualistic and memorable as any room inside the house.


One good idea is a patio dominated by beautiful brown and tan stone. The floor can be laid with flagstone pavers and the wall can have a rubble cladding while stone piers hold up the lean-to roof. The frame and mullions of French doors echo the warm brown color of both the stone and the roof rafters. In the center of the floor are a small round table and metal-framed wicker chairs with brown rattan backs and seats. Pops of green are provided by plants put in long, clay planters.

A breezier patio is dominated by the colors white and blue. This patio has a white wicker sofa with blue cushions and navy blue toss pillows. It’s positioned inside a pergola that’s hung with white curtains. White sailcloth arranged beneath the pergola’s roof allows filtered light to come through and spares people the full power of the midday sun. A simple table stands in the middle of the floor on a blue and white striped area rug on a floor of white concrete.

Another patio appears sunken into the ground, but the trick is just clever building says Wicker Paradise. Part of its concrete wall is a retaining wall that holds back a slope planted with ornamental grasses. Banquettes line the inside of the wall and one area holds a fountain made of blue and white tiles whose patterns are echoed on a small table between two rattan chairs. The upholstery is of indoor/outdoor fabrics in vivid earth tones.


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