Potential Increase in Foreign Investments in U.S. Real Estate in 2016 – Overview by Blake Rubin

Involved in selling a number of properties in the U.S, Blake Rubin is a self-made, reputable, and a professional real estate property seller from the city of Philadelphia. With a dual undergraduate degree in Art History and Architecture, and minor in Urban Planning, Blake decided his career path based on his childhood interests.


His hobbies include basketball and art that have taught him the skills of team building and goal-oriented thinking. By using these skills, he deals with his professional problems, and manages his customers to provide them with instant results. Other than basketball, he takes pleasure in street art. His present goal is the development of an NGO of his own, which will work for the developing communities in Philadelphia, to provide them with sustainable real estate.

Blake got a chance to visit Copenhagen as a study abroad trip in college, and spent 4 months in that city. While staying there, he learnt about all the efforts required in building a sustainable city. He discovered that the ability of designing and drawing, and a creative mind can facilitate in real estate, planning, and architecture. He then became interested in converting Philadelphia to a sustainable region to improve the functioning of the society on the whole. He started off as an intern and then moved up to the position of junior broker in a local agency. Under remarkable mentorship, he gained knowledge regarding the working of real estate and value of the property.

Regarding the condition of real estate in 2016, Rubin believes that there will be an increase in foreign investors, compared to the year 2015. A survey by the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate showed that New York will top that list of target markets worldwide. Another survey by AFIRE predicted that around 64% of the people will make a major or minor investment in the real estate of the U.S, whereas 31% will either reinvest in the sales or maintain their holdings.

With these well-built responses, Rubin thinks that investment in real-estate is the right decision, as U.S is becoming the most secured place to go, presently. The reason being, the recession in Brazil, holdup in China’s economy, and immigration crisis in Europe has left people with U.S. as the only choice. This has ultimately led to the mounting of real estate since the financial crisis of 2009, from $5 billion to $87.3 billion, as reported by Real Capital Analytics Inc.

With the legislation of easing taxes for foreign pension funds, Rubin holds that it will further heighten the real estate investment and provide different ways for structuring the deal as well. Let’s hope that this will further improve the U.S. economy and investors can get the benefit of the tax – advantaged growth too.

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