Problems You Should Expect When You Become A Landlord

Owning property with the purpose of renting is definitely a dream for many interested investors. They learn about the various available options and will always focus on finding the best option to make a lot of money on the long run. Being a landlord is much more profitable than what many think but this does not mean that problems are not going to appear. Although more people look for standalone rentals than campus apartment rentals, finding clients will not always be reality. This is just one of the problems you have to expect, with the following also being quite common.


Not Having Start Up Capital

Most potential landlords initially think about buying the investment property. However, so many forget about remodeling costs. Basically, this means that after you buy there will be some extra expenses you should be prepared for.

As a pretty simple example, the home you buy may be out-of-date or damaged. You will not be able to find interested renters if you do not make some changes and repairs. For that you need more start up capital. If you invested everything in buying the property in the first place it is a certainty you will be faced with problems.

Making Repairs When Needed

Being a landlord automatically means you have to deal with two things: repairs and deaths. Property management businesses should never be considered in the event you cannot pay the repairs. Tenant and landlord laws exist and the serious repairs have to be done fast. When you do not, you will be held liable for all the additional damages that will appear.

Many of the repairs will appear completely unexpected and will sometimes cost a lot of money. As a simple example, when one tenant calls you in the middle of the mint because problems with water heaters and house flooding, seeking emergency repairmen should be immediately done.

Rent Collection

In a perfect world all the tenants will pay their rent on time. That is not always the case. There will be some that will always pay on time, no matter what the month is. However, others will exist that will slip up and that will not pay at the right time. There are tenants that will not make the payments and that will not warn you that problems will appear. The bill collector has to be paid at the right time by the landlord. This can easily create financial problems so being prepared for it is a true necessity.

The Problem Tenants

Even if you own rental property in the best part of the city and all those that rent should be great tenants, the possibility you will never have problem tenants is very low. Tenants will tend to pay rent, treat properties properly and keep neighbors happy. However, that is not always the case with all people.


On the whole, there are various problems you have to expect dealing with as a landlord. The more you prepare and the more money you set aside for different unexpected expenses, the higher possibility everything will go smoothly!

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