Questions to Ask when Hiring a Residential Insulation Installer

If you want to have your home insulated, it means that you will have to ask a professional to come into your property to get the work done. This is something many people prefer not to do, but it is inevitable for this type of work. This is why you should spend some time online looking at information such as to find out what types of services are out there. Usually, people will compare the various installation services in their area before being left with a selection of around five companies.


The problem is that most people don’t really know how to narrow that list of five down to just one. Most will ask for a quotation from all of them and then pick one of the cheapest out of the bunch, or at least the one that gives them the best value for money. While this, in itself, is not a bad idea, the reality is that you are still really making a stab in the dark. This is because the average person simply doesn’t know what to ask a contractor before deciding to hire them.

Instinct is very important. If a business doesn’t feel right, then choose a different contractor. If you feel they are pushy or trying to force you into a decision, you need to go elsewhere. What is equally important is that you know the right questions to ask. Below are the questions you should be asking them.

Questions to Ask Insulation Contractors

  1. Is your company fully registered with the Attorney General’s office in your state? Different states have different rules in terms of which company does or does not have to be registered, so don’t let this be the deciding factor.
  2. Is your company fully insured? General liability insurance is incredibly important, but so is Workers Compensation.
  3. What payment terms does your company offer? Some request a deposit, others request full payment up front.
  4. Are the installers in the company properly trained or have they received certification from the manufacturer?
  5. Will the company offer you a definite completion date, or a flexible one?
  6. Is the company ale to provide you with safety data and other types of information?
  7. Does the company offer a warranty?
  8. How much detail is included in the contact? Try to think of every eventuality and make sure that the company includes those in your contract.
  9. Who will be responsible for the preparation of the job and the clean up once it is finished?
  10. Does your company have any good references?
  11. Do you need to perform a thermographic test? This will tell you whether there are any existing problems with your insulation.

Armed with these 11 questions, you should be able to truly compare the list of contractors you have in front of you, thereby making sure that you are actually able to work through your list with greater ease.

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