Six amazing tips to save money on yard maintenance

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe reality is that people don’t have the knowledge to take care of their lawns properly, and it often results in a pain in the back. It’s not a simple thing to do and requires patience, skill and knowledge. Here are some ideas to save you some valuable time, money and energy.

Be careful what you plant!

Plants need water and care constantly, especially in regions where humidity levels are at a minimum. This means that, if you want to save some money when it comes to your garden, you need to be careful what you plant and where you plant it. This is really important to understand as you will need to constantly be careful with the amount of water that you offer them – you’ll see the results of this attention on your monthly water bill. Concentrating the area where you plant your flowers can be a great choice for saving some money, too.

Fruits! Fruits! Fruits!

If you really want to develop a healthy garden, you should plant some fruit trees around your house. They provide incredible shade during the summer months, and, if properly taken care of, they can provide actual fruit. There are many people who do their own gardening and save a lot of money in the process. It’s much healthier, as well. If you grow your own fruit, you are certain of everything that has been used in the process.

Improve the soil!

If you want your grass to be greener and healthier, if you want your trees and vegetables to grow naturally and be tasty, you should think of using organic waste. There are many things that can be used; you just need to do some research to establish what can work for you and how fast can you do it. Usually, old vegetables that are biodegradable can do wonders. You just need to know where to put them and how to use them.

Use the seasons, not the years

It’s really important to understand that if you buy seeds rather than plants, you are already choosing the cheaper side of the gardening process. That’s the reason why you should opt for seasonal plants rather than the ones that grow year round. It’s really great to see more specimens over the year rather than a single type of flower. You can easily change the colors of your garden and constantly impress your neighbors with something new and fresh.

Shade helps

Believe it or not, shade can actually help you save money. If you strategically place trees that have huge leaves and produce shade around your home, the environment will be a lot cooler, and you won’t need the air conditioning system working at 120%. You can actually reduce your bills by 50% if you have this done, because natural shade does wonders if the trees are positioned according to how the sun shines upon the house throughout the day.

Rethink the outdoor furniture

Many people use other elements to decorate their gardens. All it takes is a little imagination. You don’t need to invest in huge furniture, benches, or swings. You can easily use some unconventional things to build your outdoor furniture. Some choose to build tree houses out of mare wood while others choose to improvise a hammock. Another idea is to use books to build a bench and some tables. There are some that have taken this concept to a whole new level, and it looks incredible.It’s really all about customizing your outdoors in order to feel comfortable and at home.

Author bio – Jane Dickens – outdoor designer and party planner and promoter of lawn care Toronto. She talks about how important is to take care of your garden and personalize it as much as possible. 

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