Solar Energy Skeptics Need To Read This List

While the majority of the world believes that climate change is happening right now and is caused by global warming, there is still a big chunk of skeptics when it comes to switching to solar power. Some of the points skeptics like to point out are that solar power is expensive, unreliable, a pain to maintain and repair. Some even go as far as to claim that only rich “weird” people rely on solar panels. However, these misconceptions are far from the truth. Sunnova Reviews lists the biggest and most convincing reasons why solar power skeptics should take a second look at investing in solar panels on their homes.


Solar Panels Are Not Just A Passing Fancy

Who still listens to the song “What Does the Fox Say?” by Ylvis? Safe to say, nobody is still listening to that song, even though it went viral in 2013 and racked up hundreds of millions of views on YouTube. Some solar power skeptics like to claim that solar power seems to be just like this song. It might be “fashionable” now, but will lose its appeal in the future, thus it makes no sense to invest in it now. However, energy experts agree that solar power has staying power because people are always looking for ways to cut their electric bill. Coupled with heightened awareness about climate change and an increasingly warmer Earth, more and more people are looking for ways to abandon fuel fossils for cleaner, more sustainable energy sources.

Solar Power Keeps Getting Cheaper

Solar power technology keeps getting more efficient. This has worked wonders in terms of cutting their price tag for homeowners. Indeed, solar power today is 70% cheaper than in 1975, the year when solar power went mainstream. Compared to its price in 2010, solar power now is 30 percent cheaper. What’s more, there are various solar power companies, like Sunnova Energy, that have no down payment plans, which has made solar power much more affordable.

Solar Power Helps Your Wallet

As mentioned above, having solar panels can dramatically cut down on electricity consumption from the electric grid. With Sunnova solar panels, homeowners will only need to pay for the electricity they use from the electric grid, which usually translates into nighttime and cloudy days only. Even wintry, snowy days will not hinder energy production as long as at least a small area of the solar panels are not covered by snow (the small uncovered portion will keep on generating power and heat to melt the rest of the snow) because it is actually heat that lowers the efficiency of electronics. What’s more, homeowners can sell the extra energy produced by their Sunnova solar panels back to the grid and get paid for it. In other words, homeowners receive double benefits: not only do they save money on their electric bill, they also get extra money from the sale of the extra power generated by their solar panels. Misconceptions about solar panels have nowhere to go but disappear into thin air.

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