Some Simple DIY Ideas To Modernise Your Kitchen

Kitchen Glass Splashback

Purchasing a brand new kitchen is one of the most expensive things you can do when re-modelling your home, it costs thousands of pounds and obviously leads to major disruption in the cooking department, if at all possible everybody would love to reduce the cost and impact of this process so within this article there are a few ideas to bring your kitchen in to the new millennium without breaking the bank and having to do a full re-fit.

Replace Cupboard Fronts & Worktops

The cupboards generally take the brunt of any dirt, grease and grime that is about in the kitchen so are likely to have aged much quicker than the rest of it, couple that with the fact that many of them are made out of wood so they are much harder to clean and you have only one option, to replace them! There are many companies who will either do ‘made to measure’ cupboards or sell pre-made sets, try and get pre-fabricated ones as they offer the greatest saving. Go for bright colours and metals/plastics to ensure that in future you can clean them much easier and stay on top of any aging that may occur. The worktops are the first thing you see when you enter a kitchen, they are the centre piece if you like so by getting a top of the range granite work surface you’ll be changing your kitchen completely and really upgrading it, you do have course have many other options depending on what your price range is, a laminate work top works just as well.

Add A Splashback Panel

One of the messiest areas of the kitchen is generally behind the hob, whilst cooking, splashes of food and grease cover the wall and discolour it over time, by painting over it you are simply disguising it for a month or two until it happens all over again. To really solve the issue a kitchen glass splashback like the ones at would be useful. They look ultra modern and contemporary as well as providing the useful service of protecting the wall and making it much easier to clean.

Tile The Floor And Rip Up Any Lino

Lino was the traditional flooring for many kitchens 20 years ago and unfortunately still appears in many that haven’t been updated, if this is the case for your kitchen then get rid of it ASAP. Tiling your floor makes the kitchen much neater, more hygienic and gives the appearance of being bigger. There are many different types of tile from slate/granite at the top end to plain black at the lower end, one thing to remember however is always to avoid white tiles.

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