Space Saving Tips for Small Apartments

Moving into an apartment can bring many feelings. Excitement about starting out fresh in a new place. Nervousness about becoming part of the community you have joined. And, for many, frustration at the truly small nature of apartment living. If you are finding it hard to fit all of your stuff into an apartment space, consider these tips to make the most out of your living space.

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Lift Up the Bed

Your bed takes up quite a bit of space, and you should be storing stuff underneath that space. If you aren’t, buy under-the-bed storage bins. Then, use bed risers to add some height to that storage space. This should allow you to store even more in this otherwise unused space.

Use the Doors

Over-the-door shoe organizers are a great storage option for small spaces, and they can store much more than just shoes. Hang one on the back of the bathroom door to store your hair and beauty supplies, keeping your counters cleared while also keeping these necessary items accessible. You can also hang hooks on the back of doors for towels, robes, bags, coats and more.

Buy Multi-Use Pieces

Compact bedroom sets that have a bed, a desk that slides out, a dresser and other built-in storage are great for a small space. These units can be quite small when packed up, but expand to offer plenty of space for work, relaxing and more. Then, when you need the floors open, you can simply slide it back together and enjoy your space.

If your new apartment is a loft, consider a couch that doubles as a bed. You don’t have to settle for an uncomfortable futon, either. Modern pieces provide a comfortable sleeping space that quickly folds into a couch for entertaining or relaxing. When buying seating, choose options with hidden storage. An ottoman with storage inside provides both seating and a place to stash pillows and blankets.

Use Height to Your Advantage

Many apartments have tall ceilings to make the space feel larger than it really is. Use that height to your advantage. Invest in vertical storage options, or use an elevated platform as a workspace or sleeping area, and leave the floor open for other options.

Decorating and filling an apartment can feel overwhelming, but you can make the most out of your space if you buy creatively. With these tips, you can make your apartment feel like home, find room for all of your stuff and start enjoying the freedom of your new apartment lifestyle.

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