Server Room Cooling Techniques

Data centers today are very complex and intricate systems. It takes a lot of planning and energy to ensure that they are running as safely and efficiently as possible. This means that there must be a procedure put in place to make sure that they are monitored and managed as closely as possible. One of the hardest tasks about running a data center, says MovinCool, in ensuring that the temperature of the room stays cool. If the temperature rises too much, condensation may form which could potentially Read more [...]

Must-Haves to Consider When Building Your Home

Over time, standards and expectations change and this applies to our homes as much as anything else. Some of the features in the typical American home are more likely to be “fads” rather than enduring characteristics of a well-made home. This is why, if you are considering building your dream home, it is so important to work with a reputable and knowledgeable builder like Grand Homes, an award-winning industry leader in home construction in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Many of these most in-demand Read more [...]

Design Trends for Modern Bathrooms

The bathroom. It is a necessity in every home, from the smallest cottage to the largest luxury estate. Yet in the past few years, design elements have woven their way into bathrooms that have transformed this once dingy, but necessary, space into something attractive and inviting. Whether you have eight or just one, you may want to consider these modern home design trends as you transform your bathroom into something modern and chic. 1. Geometric Shapes From the flooring to the tile in the tub, Read more [...]

How to Decorate a Room Your Kid will Love

Of the many joys you might wish for, few are more rewarding than that moment you realise you have floored your child with a gesture of parenthood. If that sounds great to you, check out these child-friendly, purposeful ways to makeover the kid’s bedroom. These handy decor and furnishing tips are some your kids will positively flip (that’s right, the American way...) for. Choosing appropriate decor For a room that is both functional and exciting, you need to make sure it’s decor works Read more [...]