5 Reasons to Install a Home Heat Recovery System

When renovating a home or building a new one, energy efficiency is an important factor that more and more people are taking into consideration. Having a warm home in the winter time and a cool, fresh house on a hot day is often a highly desired feature, but it can consume a lot of energy, the cost of which rises every year. Installing a Home Heat Recovery System can offer energy efficiency and a warm home without sky-high energy bills or a large initial cost. You Heat the Air Once, then Keep Read more [...]

To Extend or Not to Extend?

There are not many house owners who have not had the occasional urge to find a bigger place to live in. The addition to the family of a new child or an elderly dependent, or simply a growing family, can mean that space has become tight. When this happens, the temptation may be to put the house on the market and look for a bigger one. However, this is not always necessary because there is an alternative that will allow the original home to be retained and will add substantial value to it – the Read more [...]