Benefits Of Investing In Short Term Rentals In India

Investment in real estate has been the foremost choice for the investors due to its excellent return and many other benefits. There are many ways in real estate through which you can make huge returns and short-term rentals are one of them. Short term rentals are also a type real estate investment that is in trend these days. This type of rentals means renting out your property such as a well-furnished apartment or home for short trips or stays. Investing in short-term rentals has increased a lot Read more [...]

The buying versus renting debate

The debate over ‘Buying Versus Renting’ has been going on for the longest time now. Since property transactions involve large sums of money, this is a huge decision. People sometime use their lifetime of saving to buy an apartment. In metropolitan cities, where the cost is so high, it is almost impossible for a common man, to buy a house in his lifetime. But we associate pride and honor with property in India. Owning their own house or land is every man’s dream in India and the common man saves Read more [...]