Homeowners Insurance FAQs Answered With Jared Seyl

Homeowners insurance is something which almost everyone has but not everyone fully understands the ins and outs of this insurance types. We are regularly receiving large amounts of questions from our readers about homeowners insurance which is why we have industry expert Jared Seyl on hand to put some of the questions to bed. Jared has spent over a decade in the insurance business and he is the perfect person to answer your burning questions. Without further ado then here are some of your burning Read more [...]

Do you really need home and contents insurance for added protection?

It is needles to mention that a home comes in different sizes and shapes, from multi-million dollar mansions to one-bedroom apartments. Irrespective of its grandeur, it will still remain your ‘Home sweet home’. A homeowner will be particularly unfortunate if he loses his home and the contents of his home to a disaster of which he has no control. If you don’t have a homeowner’s insurance policy, you will soon be bleeding with hefty bills during the event of a disaster. But the ultimate doubt Read more [...]

3 Things to Do if Your Home Was Hit by a Natural Disaster

We can never imagine disaster hitting our homes, but when disaster hits, it usually hits hard and when we least expect it. It’s easy to fall to panic and despair when being faced with property damage and getting back on your two feet is not always simple. However, if you know the proper steps to take after a disaster situation, you might be able to get your life back on track faster. Here are the first things you should do if you property has been hit by a natural disaster. Royalty Free Photo Contact Read more [...]

Emergency Plumbers: What To Do When You Call

When it comes to unexpected home repair budget breakers, plumbing is at the top of the list. Unfortunately, no matter how many preventative services you use, there will still be a time when things are completely out of your hands as far as a plumbing emergency. Nevertheless, these types of situations do not need to turn your world upside down, and we have a few tips that will help you get things under control until we are making your emergency plumber repairs.  Your first step in handling Read more [...]

How to Regain Water Damaged Carpet to Avoid Mold and Replacement?

Water damaged carpet is more difficult to treat or restore.  It’s a case to case condition and usually only those saturated with unsanitary, dirty water are the ones that cannot be restored.  On the other hand, mild damaged carpet caused by sanitary water remains restorable. Water leaks and flooding can seriously affect your beautiful carpets.  When water invades your floor, it is necessary to figure out what kind of water is leaking to your carpet. The thing to know is the degree of water Read more [...]