How to Successfully Invest in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate offers investors a great opportunity to grow their wealth, with higher and more regular returns than with residential real estate, more and more investors are turning their attention to the commercial side of things. Like with all real estate, prices took a huge turn for the worst during the economic crisis of 2008 and it has taken a long time for the market to recover. Currently the market is relatively stable although it can often be sporadic and volatile, if you are smart Read more [...]

Potential Increase in Foreign Investments in U.S. Real Estate in 2016 – Overview by Blake Rubin

Involved in selling a number of properties in the U.S, Blake Rubin is a self-made, reputable, and a professional real estate property seller from the city of Philadelphia. With a dual undergraduate degree in Art History and Architecture, and minor in Urban Planning, Blake decided his career path based on his childhood interests. His hobbies include basketball and art that have taught him the skills of team building and goal-oriented thinking. By using these skills, he deals with his professional Read more [...]

10 Amazing Ways You Can Increase the Value of Your House

With property prices at record highs – and rising further still - many people are choosing to stay in their existing homes a little longer rather than risk jumping onto the overheated property market. Owners also appreciate that, when the time does come to sell you need to have done all you can to stand out from the crowd and get the most for your home. Here’s 10 ways to do just that: 1. Transform the interior If money is short but you still want to enhance the value of the home. Consider Read more [...]

Crowdfunding Is Making Affordable New York Property a Reality

Those seeking prime Manhattan real estate opportunities surely know that securing affordable commercial properties within city limits can be an exceedingly expensive undertaking. In fact, this area is one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world, which makes procuring property there little more than a pipe dream for many investors. Fortunately, this dream is quickly becoming a reality thanks to steps taken by the New York City Real Estate Investment Cooperative (REIC), and Prodigy Read more [...]

Three Laws of Real Estate Investing

As the hope of the shelter advertises wobbles on its alignment, investors try to agree on their after that big stir. Now, unlike any time in the last a digit of years, that verdict is a stiff one to craft. Declining abode prices, high foreclosures and growing register homes on the bazaar may be adequate to stop investors from pulling out their wallets. The shifting advertises, however, does not essentially mean it's time to skip mail. On the other pass, it does entail the patron pay closer attention Read more [...]