The future of real estate: The influencing factors

It's been on something of a downward curve over recent years, yet we finally seem to have reached a point where the real estate market is progressing the right way. In fact, over the course of next year, the outlook is seemingly set to get even better. The likes of Clay Hutson and other established real estate agents are already reporting more interest than usual - and the statistics suggest that this is only going to get better. Industry experts believe that the scene is set for real estate to Read more [...]

How to: make your property exciting in the LA sun

Most properties are the architectural equivalent of a comatose geography teacher droning at you about the movement of tectonic plates. You’ll walk through their front door and fall into a stupor when you see their beige walls, plain breakfast bar and plainer ceilings. Let’s get a little life in here! Let’s add splashes of colour and mix multitudes of furniture together to create a work of beauty! Let’s make this the kind of space that’s hip and cool and brimming with fresh ideas. But Read more [...]