The 3 Most Common Blinds and their Uses

Roller, Vertical, Venetian, or Roman Blinds can add just the magic touch that you desire to lend your room with, whether you are going for a complete overhauling or contemplating a quick make-over. They are perfect means of enveloping your casements to allow just the right amount of sunlight to streak in while proffering you with privacy and keeping your room cool during the hot summer months. Not to speak of the aesthetic attribute that these window shades provide your home with giving them a stylish and modern demeanor. Here are three commonest types of window blinds and their uses.

Venetian Blinds: Venetian Blinds perhaps form the commonest and the most coveted type because of their classy look and ease of operation. They are made of wide, horizontal slates which are attached to one another and can be rotated to open or close or keep partially closed via a rod. If you wish to enjoy the sunlight on a cool wintry morning to the fullest, simply pull the slates up and your casements will be without any shades. Because of their versatility and trendy looks, you can use Venetian Blinds in any room whatsoever. They come in an array of fabrics from the traditional vinyl and composites to plastic and more modern wooden and faux wood options.


Roller Blinds: This type of blinds is often preferred because of their durable and practical nature. They are a one-piece fabric attached to the window top through a roller, which enables convenient and quick raising and lowering of the blinds without applying much effort. One of the advantages of these blinds is the fact that they can be customized to undergo a complete blackout or darkening of the room or lifted up and filtered to allow as much light to be showered in as you desire. When you pull them up completely your window appears free of any shades, thus allowing ease of cleaning. Modern versions of roller shades or blinds possess stylish snap and mechanical pulls, which you can spruce up in tune with your preferences. There are also a whole range of colors and fabrics to pick out and put up complementing the décor of your rooms. Since they are great means of providing privacy and customizing entry of light, roller shades can be useful accouterments for your bedroom.

Vertical Blinds: Unlike the Roller or the Venetian blinds, the Vertical shades or blinds have a vertical appearance with the slates arranged vertically from top to bottom, giving them a unique look. Usually a chain is used to draw the blinds open or shut them off horizontally. Just like their Roller counterparts, Vertical shades too allow complete pouring in or shutting of light by rotating perpendicular to the casements. Because of their vertical nature they cannot be used on windows which open inside. Moreover, they are not much suitable for rooms which receive a lot of heavy breeze as the wind is likely to make the flaps fly upward at times. However, they can be fine additions to tall or sliding windows and are easily adjusted with the chain or at times a turn-switch.

Blinds can be customized and styled up according to your choice by adding streaks of paint or decorative tapes to make them vibrant and creative and Window World has just the right pick for you.

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