The Benefits of Upgrading a Mattress from Spring to Memory Foam

Spring mattresses are the norm for many sleepers. Many adjust to the idea of poking springs and uncomfortable pain. A switch from a spring mattress to memory foam provides benefits spring mattress lovers will adore. This mattress replacement contains enticing benefits that ensure sleepers never go back to spring mattresses again.


The springs inside spring mattresses tend to provide uneven support for the body, says The Foam Factory. This interrupts sleep. Memory foam contains foam instead of springs, so the foam adjusts to the body’s shape and sleep position. The foam relieves body stress such as pains, soreness, and aches while reducing pressure. The foam makes sleep adjustment easier.

A spring mattress breeds dust mites during sleep. Upon waking, the dust mites trigger allergic reactions. Don’t expect allergic reactions with mattress foam. The foam doesn’t breed dust mites because there’s nowhere for dust mites to settle. In turn, allergic reactions become nonexistent.

Midnight snacks or midnight bathroom trips are necessary for you, but not the person sleeping beside you. A spring mattress will accidentally wake that person up due to mattress movement. Foam mattresses eradicate that issue. No noise or movement will wake your partner. You can handle your business while the other person remains asleep.

Instead of investing in a memory foam mattress, many use foam inserts on spring mattresses to get the memory foam feel. Unfortnately, memory foam is a foam mattress inside and out, and it’s best to experience that in person. However, using inserts on memory foam improves the sleeping experience. In closing, the memory foam’s benefits eliminate health concerns while easing sleepers to sleep.

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