The Easy Guide to Moving House in the UK

It’s one of the top reasons for stress and arguments amongst couples in the UK, and it has even been likened to the same level of stress as going through a divorce or bereavement in your family. But moving house shouldn’t have to be a stressful process – it signifies the beginning of a new chapter and this should be a joyous occasion, not one that’s dreaded and feared.

In this blog we share our tips for how to make moving house easy and fun!

Half the deadlines before you start

Before you begin the moving process, write down all the time frames and deadlines that you need to stick to in order to complete the move on timeā€¦.then halve those time frames and deadlines. Although this will make the move look more hectic on paper, it will actually help you to stay on target and meet the original deadline even if you are running a little behind schedule!


Sort out the Paperwork

The sooner you start looking into the paperwork the better! You might be surprised of just how many places you need to contact, so it’s best to start the ball rolling nice and early! Go through your bills, and then write down each of your providers. Once you have this list, you will know how many people to notify. Remember to include everything on the list, you can always remove them later if you prefer. Always remember to include your council, electoral register, DVLA, home insurance providers, pet insurance providers, gas, electricity, magazine & newspaper paid subscriptions, club memberships and royal mail register.

Contact your Utility Providers

Now you need to contact your providers. This can be a huge task so don’t leave it too late. To keep momentum, contact one service provider a day to notify them of your impending move, and ensure that they confirm in writing that they will cut off your service on the day you have requested.

Isolate the items you will need right up until the move date

Now write down a list of things that you will want to keep out of boxes, such as toothbrushes, a few pots and pans, select bowels crockery, towels, socks, undies, trousers, jumpers, and a jacket. Basically all the essential items you cannot live without every day. Then isolate these items in a separate room or cupboard so that you won’t pack them down by accident.

Buy some professional moving boxes

I know it might be tempting to use boxes from the supermarket instead, but as a frequent mover, I must admit the professional moving boxes do make a HUGE difference, and are well worth the money. Remember, the aim is to make the move easy and fun, and professional moving boxes will definitely be a huge help in achieving this. The professional moving boxes are strong, sturdy and have handles to help you carry them. Don’t just get big boxes, as some things like books and food plates will be heavy to carry so you will need smaller boxes for these.

How to play ‘Keep, Sell, Charity’

This is essentially the relocation version of ‘rock, paper, scissors’. It may sound silly, but getting your family together to help decide which items you are keeping and which you want to get rid of can be a fun way of doing a boring task. Everybody should collect 5 items and put them in a pile on the floor. Then sit together as a family and play ‘keep, sell, charity’ until you have decided on all items in the pile. If you unsure on whether to keep or sell some items then put them in a separate box to sort through later.

Weigh up your options

Contact a relocations company and a van hire company to see which options is best for you. If you are looking for an easy move, with no hassle, or you are moving far away, then a relocation company will be perfect for you, but it won’t be cheap. On the other hand hiring a van for the day to move all your furniture may be more labour intensive, but it will be much cheaper. Alternatively you could use a courier service to send the boxes to your new home, and then move the furniture in a van. If you are not moving far, then a next day delivery service option might also be a good solution for you.

Start packing

Start packing 6 weeks before your move date and aim pack a box a day per person. This way, everybody is making progress at the same time, and sharing the burden, and you are avoiding a last minute packing rush by starting nice and early. Make sure you wrap fragile items in bubble wrap, and try to distribute the weight evenly in the boxes to make them as easy as possible to move.

Get a professional cleaner to do the dirty work

There’s nothing worse than having to clean an entire house after packing, so invest the money and get a cleaning crew in to do the hard work. If you are selling your home through an estate agency then ask them if they have a cleaning service included in their fee. Often estate agents will have contract cleaners who will blitz the property before new tenants move in and they might be able to offer you a deal!

Just remember to be organised, make plenty of lists and enjoy your new home!

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